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Aug 21

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lowtideandhightea said: i always felt that my biggest problem with rebellion was that i found homura's actions logical and even sympathetic given the situations she was faced with and her understanding of it, but i was frustrated and disgusted because someone wrote the situation where the logical conclusion was "love makes psycho lesbians" because there were a million ways the universe could have continued that did not logically end there

obviously, love always makes psycho lesbians, where did you get your degree in lesbianology

Anonymous said: Homura's face when Madoka turns into pink goop... a trip gone horrible wrong.

holy shit how do i not remember that part

Anonymous said: I can totes see why people didn't like Rebellion, I personally really really love it. I liked the idea that you can view it like a sequel to the movies instead of to the series. JUST WANTED TO MENTION that altho homura's turn seemed jarring w/ the ending of the series being bittersweet but not hopeless, i always thought part of her turning that way was because she had already become a witch. can't come back from that despite how much she tried. she wasn't entirely in the same mentality anymore

yeah no i’m not denying it fits with the continuity and characterization, it just doesn’t fit with the themes in the slightest and that’s what i hate

that and the gross “love makes lesbians evil” trope

it was a mostly enjoyable movie! i just hated the ending

theaudientvoid said: I personally thought the "Homura investigates the labyrinth" bits were the strongest parts of Rebellion. The moment when she realizes that the bizarre people she's been seeing were her own familiars was probably the only part of the movie that really lived up to the show.

and also the extremely gay hair braiding and hand-holding and heartfelt almost-declarations of love

Anonymous said: Gen was sort of intending for happy lesbian ending, but it's not like Shinbo forced him to change the ending - Urobuchi just couldn't figure out the rest of the screenplay with happy ending in mind. Once he was given the devil ending idea, it basically fell into place. Sorry, I'm just tired of people thinking poor Urobuchi was forced to write a bad ending against his will at the last minute because big bad Shinbo wanted more money (that's, like, only half the reason. Not all).

then shinbo was like, “no, give it a sequel hook,” and urobuchi was like, “i know, let’s make our lesbian main character turn evil, that’s never been done before!”

commanderkyubey said: I think the whole reason you got anon hate was because you stated your opinion as a fact and that just comes across as you asserting your feelings over everyone else.

that was anon hate?

i must not be trying hard enough

Anonymous said: Honestly Nagisa's character had so much potential. But they didn't even say her name. They didn't mention her backstory at all. They could have spoken about her wish, and how her mother's death lead to her becoming a witch, but her entire character was just "IM CUTE AND I LIKE CHEESE!!!"